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Jared Wackerly

Jared Wackerly

Team Number: 2
Birth Date: 01/01/1989
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195lbs.
Position: Quarterback
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Jared Wackerly is a quarterback from North Canton, Ohio for the Akron Zips college football team. Jared is a redshirted freshman who is looking forward to playing his first season at the University of Akron and knows that he will be able to prove that he can compete on the collegiate level. Fans of Jared Wackerly can not wait to see him in the Akron Zips jersey!

Before he came to the University of Akron, Jared Wackerly played at Hoover High School in North Canton. Jared was a leader on the field there, making snap decisions that propelled the Hoover High School football team into success. Jared’s ability to think in his feet and read the defense makes him a great quarterback and a ominous threat to opposing teams.

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